HDB BTO 5 Rm – Curtains

Living Room

3 Bedrooms

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$988.00 List: $1,168.00

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Curtains Package Price: $988.00  (5 Room HDB BTO)

Frequently asked questions

Q: We like to purchase your curtains package. Is there any other hidden cost that we need to know?
A: No, There are no hidden cost

Q: Do we need to paid extra for the curtains tracks, sewing and installation fee?
A: No, you do not need to paid extra for curtains tracking, sewing and installation fee.

Q: Can I confirm with you again, the price written $988.00 it include all the living room windows and all the 3 bedrooms windows. Am I correct?
A: Yes, you are correct.

Q: Is the price net or do we need to paid extra for the GST ?
A: You do not need to paid extra. The price is net price. No other cost.

Q: Where and how can we select the design?
A: We are the direct curtains supplier and we do not have showroom. You can either drop by our warehouse factory to view the curtain fabric or we can arrange our sales to meet up with you and show you the curtains design.

Q: How long does it takes complete once we confirm and agree the price and design?
A: It will takes approximately 8 to 10 Working days for us to delivery and install your curtains.

Q: Can you confirm with me again, for $988.00 curtains package for HDB BTO 5 Rooms package, what does it include?
A: It include curtains for all the living room windows, all the 2 bedrooms windows, curtains installation fee, sewing and curtains tracking.

Q: Do you accept credit card payment or have any credit cards installment plan?
A: Sorry, we do not accepts credit card payment at the moment.

Q: Can I know where is the fabric from?
A: Our fabric is from Belgium or Turkey

Q: I'm fully understand how can I book & purchase your curtains package?
A: Please give us a call to fix an appointment.

Q: Do we need to made any payment online when we book your curtains package?
A: No payment needed till you see and select the fabric design. Please call and fix an appointment.

Q: Is there anything other information I need to know?
A: Yes, please look at the below for more information.


Other Information

1. Our curtains package comes with 1 year warranty.

2. You need to top up additional cost if your curtains height is more than 2.6m
(95% of our customer do not exceed 2.6m)

3. View Curtains & Roller blinds Package (5 Room BTO - $1280.00)

4. View Venetian blinds & Curtains Package (5 Room BTO - $1380.00)


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No payment required till you see & select the actual design.

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