2 BR Condo – Venetian Blinds

Living Room

2 Bedrooms
Venetian blinds

Up to 18 designs available
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$1190.00 List: $1,480.00

Please see below on how to order.

2 BR Condo / Apartment / EC / Venetians blinds & Curtains Package: From $1190.00
Depending the windows size and the types of condos / apartment / EC.
Unlike HDB Flats, most of their all their window size is quite standard.

Frequently asked questions

Can I check is your Venetian blinds durable?
Yes our Venetian blinds is heavy duty, durable and comes with 1 year warranty.

For the Venetians blinds and curtains package what does it include?
Curtains for the living room and Venetians blinds for the 2 bedrooms.

Can I check does the price $1190.00 apply to all kinds of 2 bedrooms condo or apartment?
The price is an estimated pricing base on an average window for 2 bedroom condo. The actual and final price need our consultant to drop by to view and measure.

Why is the price for the HDB is fix and net price?
Because for the HDB most of their window size is standard unlike condo. They have different developer to build your home.

How long does it takes once I can confirm the order and design?
It will takes 8 to 10 working days for us to deliver and install your curtains & Venetian blinds

Do we need to made any payment online when we book your curtains package?
No payment needed till you see and select the fabric design. Please call for more details.

I'm ready to made an order and select the design. What shall I do next?
Please give us a call to fix an appointment.

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