4 BR Condo – Curtains

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4 Bedrooms

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$1090.00 List: $1,440.00

Please see below on how to order.

4 BR Condo / Apartment / EC / Curtains Package: From $1090.00
Depending the windows size and the types of condos / apartment / EC.
Unlike HDB Flats, most of their all their window size is quite standard.

Frequently asked questions

Q: For the price $1090.00 does it apply to all the condos and apartment.
A: It is an estimated pricing.

Q: How do I get the actual and final quotes?
A: Please give us a call to fix an appointment with our window consultant.

The price $1090.00 is an estimated pricing. It might be a bit more or less depending on the window size.

Q: Does your company charge GST?
A: No, we do not charge GST.

Q: Where and how can we select the design?
A: We do not have showroom but you can drop by our warehouse factory or we can arrange our consultant to meet up with you and show you the curtains sample design.

Q: How long does it takes to complete once we confirm and agree the price and design?
A: It will takes approximately 8 to 10 Working days for us to delivery and install your curtains.

Q: Do you accept credit card payment?
A: Sorry, we do not accept credit card payment.

Q: Can I know where is the fabric from?
A: Our fabric is from Belgium or Turkey

Q: I'm fully understand how can I book your curtains package?
A: Please give us a call to fix appointment.

Q: Do we need to made any payment online when we book your curtains package?
A: No payment needed till you see and select the fabric design. Just give us a call for more details.


Other Information

All our curtains and blinds packages comes with 1 year warranty.

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No payment required till you see & select the actual design.

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